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Membership Fees

Level 1: Brands with sales on the Swedish market above 10 MSEK
Level 2: Brands with sales on the Swedish market above 2MSEK
Level 3: Brands with sales on the Swedish market below 2MSEK

Sales is defined as the sales for the brand within Sweden from the year before. It is invoiced sales by the selling company.
The membership fee is revised and invoiced annually inthe beginning of March, with 30 days payment.
For new members, the fee is invoiced starting at the quarter when membership was granted, until the end of the year. 
The fee levels are based on trust that each member truthfully states the correct sales level. Upon hesitation, the board should be consulted. 
For new members with a non-Swedish registration, special rules apply, see below.
Members are obliged to report a new sales interval no later than during February.
The board ahs the right obtain proof of the sales level from all or individual members. 

Avgifter for 2018 (revised 2018-09-28)
Membership fee 500SEK for each member. In addition a service fee is invoiced on a yearly basis:
Fee, level 1: 13.000 SEK
Fee, level 2: 7.000 SEK
Fee, level 3: 3.000 SEK

Clarification Concerning new members with non-Swedish company registration
Background: Level 3 are primarily made for small companies with low global sales. Non-Swedish companies entering the Swedish market has previously also been placed on level 3 despite that their global sales in many cases has been substantially higher. For that reason, NOC Sweden has decided that companies which do not have a Swedish company registration by default will be placed in category 2, unless their sales on the Swedish market is higher, in which case they will be placed in category 1. 

If special reasons apply, such as the company in question is in fact a start-up with global sales typically below 100t€, they can apply to the board for a fee reduction to level 3. This should be done in connection to the application.